Welcome to PsychDB!

PsychDB stands for Psychiatry Database. It's an original, hand-crafted, psychiatry clinical resource for medical students, residents, and physicians.

I am a psychiatry resident in Canada with an interest in medical education and exploring the use of this website as a teaching tool, and also for my own learning in residency. This website is a work-in-progress and updated frequently, but currently only edited by one person (me). The goal is to continually update this with diagnostic criteria, treatment guidelines, medication information, teaching files, new research, and controversies within psychiatry. It attempts to be evidence-based by providing references wherever possible.

If you notice any errors on any page, have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me at admin [at] psychdb [dot] com. PsychDB is the work of just one person, and any helpful feedback is appreciated!


This website should not replace clinical judgement/decisions. Read this disclaimer for full details.

There are several key features to PsychDB. The easiest way to begin using them is from the homepage:

  • You'll notice an extensive list of psychiatric diagnoses, based off of DSM-5 criteria. Each diagnosis has its own page, with the current diagnostic criteria (DSM-5), epidemiology, pathophysiology, treatment recommendations, and resources for both patients and providers.
  • There is also a teaching files section that is geared towards medical students and residents, which aim to teach key (and hopefully interesting) psychiatric topics.

PsychDB is powered by DokuWiki and hosted by Dreamhost. Current article count is 389 pages.

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When you hover your mouse over any heading in an article, a link icon () will show up (e.g. - hover over the “Sharing” heading above). This allows you to reference very specific sections of PsychDB when you need to refer to it again or if you want to share a specific section of a page.