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Line 64: Line 64:
 <WRAP third column> <WRAP third column>
 <catlist psychosis: -columns:1 -noAddPageButton -sortAscending>​ <catlist psychosis: -columns:1 -noAddPageButton -sortAscending>​
-<catlist trauma-and-stressors:​ -columns:1 -noAddPageButton -sortAscending>​ 
 <catlist cl: -columns:1 -noAddPageButton -sortAscending>​ <catlist cl: -columns:1 -noAddPageButton -sortAscending>​
 <catlist eating-disorders:​ -columns:1 -noAddPageButton -sortAscending>​ <catlist eating-disorders:​ -columns:1 -noAddPageButton -sortAscending>​
Line 70: Line 69:
 <catlist pain-medicine:​ -columns:1 -noAddPageButton -sortAscending>​ <catlist pain-medicine:​ -columns:1 -noAddPageButton -sortAscending>​
 <catlist somatic: -columns:1 -noAddPageButton -sortAscending>​ <catlist somatic: -columns:1 -noAddPageButton -sortAscending>​
 +<catlist trauma-and-stressors:​ -columns:1 -noAddPageButton -sortAscending>​
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​