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 +====== Form 2 (Order For Examination) ======
 +===== Primer =====
 +A **Form 2**, or Order For Examination,​ is a form that any member of the public (or family member) can fill out and ask a Justice of the Peace to sign the Form 2.
 +==== Arriving in the Emergency Room on a Form 2 ====
 +Patients may arrive in the emergency department under a Form 2. It is important to note that a Form 2 does not allow hospital detention. The purpose of the Form 2 is to allow the police to apprehend and bring the person to a physician for examination. The purpose of the examination is for the physician to decide whether or not to sign a Form 1.
 +===== Details =====
 +  * Once the order for the examination of the person is signed, it authorizes a police officer to apprehend the person named on the form. 
 +  * Both a Form 1 and Form 1 authorizes the potential apprehension of the person in the community for a period of seven days, including the day that the form is signed
 +A Form 1 and a Form 2 are different in several ways, including the following:
 +  * Form 1 authorizes the holding of the person for up to 72 hours at a psychiatric facility. The Form 2 does not.
 +  * Form 2 authorizes the detention of a person just long enough for a doctor to make an initial examination and decide if a Form 1 is appropriate
 +==== Expiration Date ====
 +A Form 2 is valid seven days from and including the day it is made or at conclusion of physician’s examination [Justice of the Peace completes this].