Other Alcohol-Induced Disorders

Other Alcohol-Induced Disorders are mental disorders induced by alcohol use. This includes alcohol-induced psychotic disorder, alcohol-induced bipolar disorder, alcohol-induced depressive disorder, alcohol-induced anxiety disorder, alcohol-induced sleep disorder, alcohol-induced sexual dysfunction, and alcohol-induced major or mild neurocognitive disorder.

  • It is important to identify these other alcohol-induced disorders, as there is a greater probability of improvement or recovery compared to their primary psychiatric disorder counterparts (e.g. - generally speaking, an alcohol-induced depressive disorder is a better prognosis than major depressive disorder).
  • Alcohol-induced disorders are likely to be much shorter in duration and resolve within several days to 1 month after cessation of severe intoxication and/or withdrawal.[1]
  • The lifetime risk for major depressive episodes in individuals with alcohol use disorder is approximately 40%, but only about half episodes are actually independent major depressive syndromes observed outside of intoxication.
1) American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5th ed.). Arlington, VA.