Common Tests
The Mini-Cog is a rapid 3-minute instrument that can increase detection of cognitive impairment in older adults.
Mini-Mental Status Exam (MMSE)
The MMSE is the most commonly used cognitive test. It is more geared towards detecting memory, attention, construction, orientation, and language deficits, and is less sensitive to executive dysfunction.
Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA)
The MoCA is a cognitive test used for screening mild cognitive impairment.
Other Cognitive Tests
Clock-Drawing Test (CDT)
The CDT evaluates general executive functioning of the frontal lobe and visuospatial abilities.
Frontal Assessment Battery (FAB)
The FAB is a brief battery of neuropsychological tasks designed to assess frontal lobe function and screens for frontotemporal dementia.
Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale (RUDAS)
The RUDAS is a short cognitive screen that minimizes the effects of culture and language on assessment, and is useful for patients whose first language is not English.
Stroop Test
The Stroop Test is used to screen and diagnose patients with covert/minimal hepatic encephalopathy (CHE/MHE).