Stroop Test

The Stroop Test (or Stroop Task) is a neuropsychological test named after its creator, John Ridley Stroop. The Stroop phenomenon demonstrates that it is difficult to name the ink color of a color word if there is a mismatch between ink color and word. For example, the word GREEN printed in red ink.

In the Stroop task, individuals are asked simply look at color of the word (e.g. - blue, red, or green), and to say the colour, but not the actual word. In other words, the individual has to name the colour of the ink the words are printed in, and completely ignore the actual word meaning.

Example of the Stroop Task Fig. 1

The Stroop Test App is a shorter method using a phone app to screen and diagnose patients with covert/minimal hepatic encephalopathy (CHE/MHE).

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