Form 1 (British Columbia - Request for Admission [Voluntary Patients])

A Form 1 (Request for Admission [Voluntary Patients]), is a form under the British Columbia Mental Health Act that is completed when a patient (or their guardian, if the patient is under age 16) is voluntarily requesting to be admitted for psychiatric treatment.

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  • Individuals age 16 and above who are voluntarily seeking admission are almost always admitted under British Columbia's Hospital Act (not the Mental Health Act), which means there is actually no need for a Form 1 or Form 2. In routine clinical practice, this is the most common way of admitting voluntary patients as there is no paperwork required.
    • Voluntary patients can discharge themselves at any time – just like non-psychiatric patients admitted to a hospital under the Hospital Act.
  • However, individuals below age 16 are recommended to be admitted under the Mental Health Act, rather than the Hospital Act because the Mental Health Act provides additional guidance on admitting children and youth and protects their rights by providing the right for regular reviews and access to a Review Panel.
    • This means both a Form 1 and Form 2 should be filled out for any admission for someone age 16 and under
      • If both the guardian and the child agree with treatment, then only a Form 1 and Form 2 need to be completed.
      • If the guardian wants their child to be treated or admitted, but the child is refusing treatment or admission, a Form 3 (Medical Report) also needs to be completed by the physician.