Form 9 (British Columbia - Application for Warrant and Warrant)

A Form 9 (Application for Warrant [Apprehension of Person with Apparent Mental Disorder for Purpose of Examination]), is a form under the British Columbia Mental Health Act that anyone in British Columbia complete and apply to a Provincial Court Judge or Justice of the Peace (JP) for. A Form 9 is used when an individual (e.g. - a family member or friend) believes another person has a mental disorder and apparently meets the committal criteria used by a physician.


  • If a judge or JP is satisfied the application meets criteria under the Mental Health Act and that the usual admission procedures cannot be used without dangerous delay, then a Form 10 (Warrant [Apprehension of Person with Apparent Mental Disorder]) can be issued.
  • A Form 10 allows police to apprehend and transport an individual to a designated facility and authorizes admission of the person for psychiatric assessment and treatment for up to 48 hours.
  • After assessment by a physician, the individual will either be admitted to hospital as an involuntary patient or be discharged during this period.