Form 27 (Ontario - Right to Notice of Admission as an Informal Patient)

A Form 27 (Right to Notice of Admission as an Informal Patient) under the Ontario Mental Health Act is a form issued when a physician deems a patient is not mentally capable of consenting to or refusing a particular treatment, and requires observation, care, and treatment. In the case of a Form 27, an informal patient is either a child under the age of 16, or someone who is permanently incapable of making treatment decisions for themselves (such as a persistent developmental disability). They can only be admitted to a psychiatric facility by authority of an SDM after the finding of incapacity to proposed treatment.

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  • < 12 years, cannot apply to CCB to contest the Form 27
  • 12-15 years, allowed to have Rights Advice and CCB
  • If over the age of 16, cannot be held under a Form 27, except in very rare cases