Form 4 (Ontario - Certificate of Renewal)

A Form 4 (Certificate of Renewal) under the Ontario Mental Health Act is a form issued when a patient continues to meet criteria for an involuntary admission after a Form 3 expires.

  • The first Form 4 lasts one month (add one month, minus a day)
    • Second Form 4 lasts two months (add two months, minus a day)
    • Third Form 4 lasts three months (add three months, minus a day)
  • Rights advice must be notified, give a Form 30 each time, plus patient can appeal each time

Download Form 4

A Form 4A (Certificate of Continuation), replaces what used to be the fourth certificate of renewal.

A Review of The Sequence of Forms

The first certificate of involuntary admission, or Form 3, is statutorily limited to two weeks duration; the first certificate of renewal, or Form 4, is limited to one additional month; the second certificate of renewal is limited to two additional months; and a third certificate of renewal is limited to three additional months. After the third certificate of renewal, if the patient still meets the criteria for involuntary admission, the patient would become subject to a certificate of continuation or Form 4A. A first and any subsequent certificate of continuation is also valid for a period of three months.

– A Practical Guide to Mental Health and the Law in Ontario, Chapter 3: Assessment and Hospitalization Under the Mental Health Act (pg 3-16)