Form 16 (British Columbia - Notification to Near Relative)

A Form 16 (Notification to Near Relative [Admission of Involuntary Patient or Patient Under Age 16]), is a form under the British Columbia Mental Health Act that informs the near relative of the patient’s admission and rights under the Act and the Charter. A Form 15 must be completed first, as this allows the patient to nominate a near relative to notify.

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When Must a Near Relative be Notified?

The Form 15 provides you with the consent (using either patient or director nomination) to release these following forms:
  • When a patient is involuntarily admitted to a designated facility (Form 16)
  • When a patient is discharged (Form 17)
  • When a patient applies for a Review Panel hearing (Form 18)

A Form 16 explains to the relative, the patient’s right to:

  1. Renewal Certificate examinations
  2. A second medical opinion on the appropriateness of the patient’s treatment
  3. Apply for a Review Panel hearing, and
  4. Apply to the courts to have the validity of the patient’s admission and detention determined by way of the Judicial Review Procedure Act.
  • The patient or someone acting on the patient’s behalf may also apply to the court to determine whether there is sufficient reason and authority for the medical certificate.
  • Legal advice may be obtained from independent counsel or through the Legal Services Society or the Community Legal Services Society (CLAS).
  • Remember that the Form 16 applies only to involuntary patients; voluntary patients do not need to have their near relative notified
  • A record must be kept by the facility to verify that the near relative was provided with Form 16 and this must also be documented in the patient's chart.