Form 17 (British Columbia - Notification to Near Relative [Discharge of Involuntary Patient])

A Form 17 (Notification to Near Relative [Discharge of Involuntary Patient]), is a form under the British Columbia Mental Health Act that is completed when an involuntary patient is discharged from their involuntary status and leaves hospital. The purpose is to notify the patient's near relative that they are not longer involuntary. A Form 19 (Certificate of Discharge) should be completed in conjunction with the Form 17. Keep in mind that this Form is not completed if a patient is discharged on Extended Leave (i.e. - Form 20)

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  • When a patient is being discharged, the 'near relative' nominated by the patient must be notified using the Form 17.
  • Patients, relatives and others involved in the patient's care in the community should be also included in discharge planning and informed of the discharge date.

When Must a Near Relative be Notified?

The Form 15 provides you with the consent (using either patient or director nomination) to release these following forms:
  • When a patient is involuntarily admitted to a designated facility (Form 16)
  • When a patient is discharged (Form 17)
  • When a patient applies for a Review Panel hearing (Form 18)
  • When a patient is discharged from involuntary status, a Form 19 (Certificate of Discharge) will be completed and signed by the director or designate.
  • Once written notification of discharge has been provided, any Medical Certificate or warrant providing authority for hospitalization is cancelled.
  • Do not complete a Form 17 if a patient is going to remain on Extended Leave when leaving hospital

Form 17 is not the same as Form 20!

A Form 17 (Discharge of Involuntary Patient) should not be confused with the patient being discharged from the hospital on Extended Leave (From 20). Extended Leave means the patient remains involuntary and “hospitalized”, but in the community. So, although it is important to notify the near relative of the patient's discharge into the community via extended leave for continuity of care purposes, there is no official form for this and you do not complete a Form 17!
  • Under Section 35 of the BC MHA, if it is considered to be beneficial for an involuntary patient, they may be transferred to a different designated facility.
    • Upon arrival to the new facility, the patient must be informed of their rights (Form 13).
  • The validity of the certificate continues, using the same dates applicable to the previous designated facility.
  • The original certificates should remain at the original transferring facility.
    • Photocopies should be made and sent to the receiving facility, with the annotation “certified to be a true copy of the original,” and signed or initialed by the director or delegate and stating their position.
    • Forms may also be faxed and are legally valid.